Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Why the 'Win-Win Deal' for both You and your Philippine Home Builder is so important?

Bottom line is that 'You get what you pay for'; just pay the Philippine contractor a fair amount and read the following tips also.

Some contractors in the Philippines will do anything to get your project like giving a big discount and certainly bid lower than the price offered by their competitor. And every week we see the emails of those whining ignorant home owners who fell in the trap with open eyes...
Note that in many cases it is actually the home owners themselves who create problems by thinking that the Philippines is 'a country of bargaining' and subsequently squeeze the contract-price up to the last Peso.

You have to understand that every time you ask for a discount to your Philippines home-builder, you limit his freedom to serve you better... which is NOT in your advantage nor in his advantage.
If a Manila or Cebu contractor gives you discount do not expect that it means that they just lower their own profit; it means that they will 'cut corners' like using less cement in building your house or use smaller diameter reinforcement steel bars or thinner steel roof. Who's laughing?

Worse case scenario is when the construction company suddenly notice (when your home is half finished) that they can not make a profit anymore; they estimated the cost to build your house too low. And gone they are; 'fly by night' contractors. Who's crying?

How to select Philippine home builders?

- Go to the office of your contractor and ask neighbors how long did they occupy that same office. - Let the contractor show you his permits and ask to show a sample-contract.
- Let your contractor show you an ongoing project; let him show you how they work.
- Ask your home builder some questions about legal matters; can he answer them?
- Visit another contractor for a 'second opinion'.
- Can your home builder communicate by E-mail? Can he start the design process while you are abroad and does he send you pictures weekly of the progress while building your home?
- Does your construction company build with hollow blocks or can they use the 'Latest Technologies to Build a House or Commercial Building in the Philippines'? Like;
1. Improved Quality Hollow Blocks (NOT the 'backyard hollow blocks')
2. No Hollow Blocks but Solid Poured Concrete Walls (Same Cost!)
3. Insulated Blocks (AAC)
4. Other Construction Methods

In most cases your Filipina wife has a relative 'who also build homes'; and because family-ties are strong in the Philippines she will feel the pressure to hire him.
If you do not feel comfortable with the fact that this 'contractor' (who is just a 'foreman' and has no office nor a contract) might never be able to comply with the Philippines Construction Law (a 15 year accountability on structural mistakes) then the only way to avoid problems is to let us at least build better walls with Solid Concrete (Same Cost!) instead of hollow blocks; your local contractor can do the finishing like tiles, paint etc.

Philippine House Designs - Two Different Options

Option 1) We show you our 'Philippine Model Homes Designs'; the floor plan and style are ready so you save money. However, while it is possible to change some little details, there is a limit to that.
Option 2) We make a UNIQUE house-design for you that will fit your LOT, WISHES and BUDGET.
Ofcourse you pay more to the architect.

Philippines Architect

If you stay only for a limited time in the Philippines, our Senior Architect can make a design in 1 day during the inspection of your lot.

Cost to build a home in the Philippines - US$ 20,000 minimum

While other contractors probably give you 'a cost per square meter', we itemize all work items of your project and price it accordingly. That's fair for both you and us; we do not like 'guesswork'.
We know the cost of house construction in the Philippines because of statistics from previous- and ongoing projects; when we give you a cost then it is a take-it-or-leave-it situation, no bargening please, no strings attached.
Ofcourse it is possible to lower the price by just making the house smaller if you like or by selecting lower quality Philippine building materials but that will all be written in the contract; just in case for when you will be sorry lateron.

About 90% of our clients are from USA or Europe (with strict requirements) resulting in 'a little higher than average construction cost' because they demand- and select better quality materials. For example we use a paint for the outside walls which is 20% higher in cost than ordinary paint but as a result the houses we built are still looking good.
If you are looking for 'cheap' we can not - and will not - help you; you would run into problems lateron and blame us while it was you who decided to 'build cheap'...

So what's Your Next Step?

You (or your representative) are welcome to visit our office, to compare offered services and costs; after all a meeting is free... and we are located near the airport of Manila and Cebu, we can even collect you there. We can also visit you at your place and probably we have built already a house previously (mostly for 'foreigners') near your location so we can go there to take a look. All are finished according to contract, on time and you can even meet the owner.

Or just E-mail us any question

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