Monday, January 10, 2011

Bulacan build a house in Pampanga the Philippines - building materials, home builders, cost, code, steel, construction Cebu Manila, Cavite, Batangas, Laguna, Makati

My wife is from Cebu City build house Philippines. We own some property there and would like to get an estimate on an architect\'s plans, as well as an estimate on construction cost, for a house that we plan to build within the next year. We will be waiting to hear from you. We plan to travel to Cebu at the end of May next year. I am an American-born Flipino who is conducting businesses in the United States. I am seeking an Architect in Manila-Phillppines area. For a proposal bid that is need to be submitted no later than Thursday November 9, 2011 or we will loose the bid and ongong projects.

Please forward me a contact name and number to talk about the project. I already got a quote from Dubai, India, China. I will check email for another hour. This is high priority! If we get this project we will get more projects after this one is complete.

We are in a process on building a house Philippine building materials on our property and finding some reliable people to do so. As of now we are wanting to build a simple native veranda by the pool and if satisfied with the work, we will consider using the same people to build the house.16/24 feet, tiled flooring,halfway(from bottom) bamboo walls and the rest sliding wooden windows. Roofing would be made of Cogon Grass. How much do you think this will cost me? To be done right away. How long would this take to build? house builders Cebu, Manila, Cavite, Pampanga, Batangas, Bulacan, Laguna, Makati.

I\'m looking for any business/bank establishment who might be interested on a build operate and transfer scheme. The buiding owned by my family has the following specs: commercial, found in the business district of the City of San Fernando, La Union 118 sq.m.Additional 35-40 sq.m. right of way not yet included, frontage 5.5 m, length-23m., building partly constructed. I hope you can help me look for one asap.

I would like to buy a apartment 4 or 5 bedroom and i am also intrested in buying a boarding house Philippine building code central in Baguio close to the University with a canteen sari sari store and internet cafe price range i am not sure at the moment. I have recently purchased a large plot (1575 m2) on (BATANGAS). I plan to build a 4/5 bedroom two storey mediterranean style home with a total floor area of around 250-300m2, and plan to start building in late 2007.
I will provide outline floor layout and would need you to complete these into full architectural & construction plans.
Can you give me a rough cost estimate, and advise what would be included and what would be excluded.

Good day! Do you have a contactor in Cavite area? Maybe you can visit this location, & discuss on how much it will cost me for the renovation. Its 2 units(attached), 32sq.m (each unit) located in Kawayan II, Gen.Trias,Cavite. Just let me know when your available. Tnx. Im looking forward to it! My lot is in Davao City. If you can design a two
storey house with a four-bedroom and two-bathroom and two-toilet upstairwith balcony at the back to hang the washing and as entertainment area.
The ground floor can be used for commercial purpose and upstairs for resedential. Parking should be considered,with kitchen,toilet and bath downstairs.

Planning to build and develop our property in Q.C. maybe 6 unit parpand condo style ang lot is about 200sq.m. Do you give free quotes/estimates how much will be the cost to build? I guess depend sa Philippine building architects materials as well? I need help so i can plan ahead. I am enquiring as to whether you can help me. We have a plot of land in Belmont Village Minglanilla Cebu, measuring 198 sqm.
Would it be possible to give us a rough guide price what it would cost to build a good quality home on this plot from drawing plans through to completion and handover.
As a Project Manager here in the UK I appreciate you can not be exact but any information you could forward to me would be truly grateful. I can then start to talk about building on the plot.

My wife and I own the house at Inting in Tagbilaran. We are in the Philippine building a house starting stages on planning a retirement home there. I am not sure of the exact dimensions of this house and lot. I am also not sure if any of the existing structure is usable for our future home. We were thinking of a 3 bedroom 2 bath house on a budget of 3-4 million pesos. Our timing is still not set and is very flexible.
Any help. Information, house plans alopng with approximate costs for us to consider would be greatly appreciated.

I do not have any pictures of our present site. My wife's family is living there right now. I do not know how much of the lot is usable for a building site.
How much would you charge to check out this property? Tagbilaran is a very preliminary enquiry as we just started considering living in Bohol. I rralize that I am not giving you a lot of information, but I don't have much and am trying to gather more in order to make reasonable decisions. Again thank you for any help you can provide. This is a long distance process and as such is very difficult for me.

I got existing one storey house 33sgm.and the lot size is 143sqm would like to add a second storey to suit 4 or 3 bedroom w/2 bathroom and use the first storey for living room and kitchen.I would like to find out how much and how long it takes to finish the floor plans and this house is located The site is located in Pili, next town to Naga. A km. away from the steel buildings Philippines airport. Approximately 20 mins away from Naga City town proper. Its in the Subdivision where the capitol is. Office of the governor. Id like to build a 2 storey residential house approximately, 300 to 350 sq.m. Japanese/Zen style. Construction should start as soon as possible. Please give further details as to how much it would cost.

We am helping her explore the possibility of building her family dream home..... I am forwarding you what I think is a practical option. I would love to discuss this attached plan. I thought she might be able to build it in stages, and with the duplex aspect she could ultimately have a place of her own with some room for her family under the same can reach me. I would be interested in the cost of roughing out the whole house and finishing just the one duplex to start.

i have a question about swimmingpools want to start a business with my wife in a swimmingpool, have you for me some information what kind you building-prizes-picture so that i have a indicate about the opportunity are...i search for a big swimparadise with some landscape and maybe a house.hope you can send me some informations. we will looking to starts in angeles city for our business. Hi, I am glad for your prompt reply. I have to tell you that my home town is a beautiful place but hard to reach. I want a simple house and a builder that I can trust. I am all the way out here in America price list of building materials in the Philippines and does not want to be taken advantage of. The house that I want has to be unassuming. Three floors, all cement and bare, and looks just like a bare building that will be set up for business offices., but we will use it for a dwelling place. Please send me some of your samples designs, and if you can, please convert your measurement to square feet, so when I discuss this with my husband, I can best explain it to him.

You interested in the beach house plan that you have in the Architectural Design Philippine houses cost to build incorporated in your web page, it's called Island style, still bare structure though, but I think I like that second proposal with tiles and doors. As to when my husband and I want to have it built, it will be a matter of how well and clear this transaction will be. Like I said Mr., I live out here and when we visit my home town, which is once in a blue moon, I want a very simple yet presentable house. My wife and I are looking for an architect to design a house for our beachfront property in San Remigio, Cebu. The lot is approx. 1,500 s.m. We want a 1 story house of about 250 s.m.

We currently own land in Talisay, Daan Bantayan, Cebu and wish to build a moderately priced house on that land. Would like to discuss the process and get some ideas on what it will take to build the house we desire in the comming months (Plan to build early 2012). just want to enquire if you have houses built or on going houses projects in Beverly Hills, Lahug and Banawa. If any, please send me a quotation. Please send as well how to process the payment. Thanks.
Im interested to invest a house, im a nurse working here in England would like to enquire if you have houses built or on going houses projects in Beverly Hills, Lahug, Banawa and Guadalupe. Im interested on detached houses with a price range from Ph5m to 8m. I plan to buy by next year if possible. If any, please send me a quotation, layout, policy or terms and condition of your company in buying properties.

We are a business development company which are intending to enter into a project in the south of Cebu house building in the Philippines Island. We have 50 Hectares where we are going to build a huge village for retired OFW\'s and foreigners and a smaller subdivision for lower cost houses targeted to low and middle income Filipinos. We are offering for bidding the design and construction of all houses on this project. Please contact us if your company is interested. I am planning to move to the Philippines (Olongapo area) when I retire in about four years. I would like to but a home there. I want to live there 8 or 9 months a year. I would like to buy with cash if possible Pampanga build a house in Bulacan.