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We are not apartment floor plans in the Tagaytay - design building yet in January, what we have planned to do is meet up with a couple of architects and discuss plans, drawings, costs and generally find out how things are done in the PHIL. particulary in Cebu.
Our plot is 458sq.m-could you please give us an indication of Laguna building costs and if you are to project manage it-hence you will be responsible that the project stays within the budget and schedule, what costs are we talking as well.

If you could get hold of the deeds of restrictions and suggested architectural design in the Tagaytay - house architect drawings for the Cavite Development in Liloan, then that will help speed things up. I would also like to speak to you and if you have a webcam we could do video conferencing very soon. Kindly email me your contact numbers then i can call you-we have a time difference of 8 hours.

I live abroad, and currently looking at best house design in the Tagaytay building a house in the Philippines. I was looking at the pictures of houses in your website, and I am interested in the House 3 design. It\'s a yellow house with a terrace on top of the garage. Do you happen to have the floor plans of that house? If yes, is it possible for you to email it to me so I can look at it? Hoping for your prompt response am a American my wife is Philippine. I want more information on a house in Tagaytay. Can I own it or does she own it. I would like to build a house there with in the next year or so. I want a how to build a house in the Tagaytay? small house but liveable. I would like to live there if I own the Property.

Am writing back because my budget is higher then 2 mil pesos. If you could please email me some homes you can build for around bungalow house design in the Tagaytay - floor plans 8 mil pesos. I am interested in a 4 bedroom 3 1/2 bath home. I would like it to be about 230 to 290 square meters. just for a idea of what i am looking for here are some of the house plan numbers i was looking at did recieve your email sorry for not getting back to you im out of the country right now but i will be home sometime around january next year i was thinking of building a house while im out of the country maybe we can talk about this when i came back have recently made an offer to buy a lot at Highlands, subdivision, consolacion, in which the owners accepted, i hope to seal everything in the next month, i have drawn up the house i wish to build, and need an architect to refine things and give me full drawings and specifications and also work with my engineer, if you can propose a better deal i may be interesed,the house i need built would consist of ground Laguna floor 96m2 and first floor 76m2, the lot is 251m2, the house would be mediterranean style.

To put up a 2 storey dorm type with a provision of 3rd for future expansion. The property is located in besides. How much will it cost to construct? Do you have any financing scheme available? The property is beside the main road with 412 sqm land area.We are moving to the construction methods in the Tagaytay - cost, firms, industry philippines and I need to build a house. We will be moving to house designs and floor plans in the Tagaytay - interior pictures, photos dumaguete city. I am looking to spend between 5 and 7 million pesos. I would greatly appriate it if you could e-mail me some different photos of houses you can build in that price range so I can determind what kind of design I would like. I am looking to build a house as quick as possible, so if I could get the photos and differnt price range, I will be able to get back to you on what we would like you to build Cavite for us.

I appreciate the information that you provided me. My main concern is the cost of building a house in the Tagaytay - construction, build designing, I don't know exactly what I want. I have been on my computer day and night trying to find the perfect design for my house. I want a big house with the dementions between 2500 and 3500 square ft, four bedrooms, three bathrooms at least. I want it to be two stories, with a balcony on the top floor. I want a swimming pool in the back yard, with like a little fountain, and a two car garage. I would also need a maid's room, and maybe even a Laguna dirty kitchen. These are the things I absolutly need in my house. I am just trying to find the right design because I want it to be different. I want people to say wow this is beautiful when they see it. I want my wife feel like she is a princess inside this house. If you have any types of ideas for me, I would love to hear them. I will let you know when I find the exact design and price. I am also trying to figure out the pesos to us doller ratio. Again I appreciate your work on helping us out and I get ahold of you later.

Would like to have a swimming pool in my backyard. do you make small swimming pools also for residential homes? i just want to know if you do that also and how much it would cost if my lot area is 240 sq meters. the pool is not necessarily that size since i have to make a house too there in that area a relative who is planning to build a house early next year in Marilao, different house designs in the Tagaytay - kinds, style, types Bulacan. If we come to your office by end of February next year, it will be a two story house, if possible with swimming pool, how long does your company normally takes to build a house? Where can I call you? I hope to hear would like to how much does it cost to build a house in the Tagaytay?
retire in the Philippines possibly (Davao City). I may be visiting Davao City in January 2007. These are preliminary enquiries.
1. Are you a design Architect/Consulting firm or Contractor.
2. How much should be budgeted for design cost of a Cavite house where the owner wants to have full architectural, structural, electrical, Plumbing, interior, civil and landscape drawings and specifications. Covered area of house in the 250-300 sq. meters (not including front or rear veranda) and a lot of about 1000 sq. meter.
3. What is the most economical two storey house design Tagaytay - 2, 3 story, plans construction system in residential sector in your area. Brick & Block with poured concrete floors and roofs or Timber frame construction.
4. What is a dirty kitchen.

Looking to have a home build in phases on 2 1/2 acres or interior design in the Tagaytay - house designer 1 hectare. I'm looking first to have the plans draw up. Then I want to have the landscape for the garden to be done first. I have pictures of a lot of things I want in the garden. I'm looking to have my tropical dream garden done.
The house is probably about 3500 to 4500 square feet. I have a web site where the home can be viewed. Is there any body in the bicol region that can do this? Someone who has the schooling & the experience.

Two Story House; 3-Bedrooms Upstairs and one and half bathrooms. And two bedrooms,and one full bathrooms downstairs and a two parking carrages. Floor foundation need to be stronger than normal from any typhoons, soil errosion due to floodings. The base concrete flooring must be elevated to the ground more than the normal to prevent the rain water or floodings to enter to the house. All Laguna windows should have anti storm and buglars. Also have motion security lights around the house especially on the carrages doors and gate entrance. Because house will also have landscaping in the Tagaytay - design and pictures of landscape cement fenced all around it except the main gate. Time schedule summer time when it\'s not typhoone seasons. Price-range you tell me if I\'ll agree on it.


Married with a philippina is no option to me, in case that i buy something i like to put lot and house in my own name. Please can you tell me more information about the paperwork to aranged it, and what is the price for it ? What kind of paperwork can i start here in Belgium ? We have codes we have to go by. What I have seen on my visit there your codes are out of date or mabe it is the older Cavite housing that the electrial looks bad in. Do you have codes to follow as a rule. You also need phone lines and cable added at the time that the homes are built. Need to be 3 seprate mains for cable that goes inside. I live in San Fabian Pangasinan and have a lot (600 square metres). i wish to build a double storey , 3 bedroom house, double glazed, with verandah plus wall with gates please advise regards design and construction costs(approx).

I already have a lot in dumaguete (300 sq.mtrs) and Im planning to build a house modern house design in the Tagaytay - designs of Filipino homes, pictures, photos six months from now. So I will appreciate ifyou can give me the price of house no.2 excluding the lot since I have my own lot.
Will you also deal if i will be the one to buy all the materials and I will just pay for the labor and of cpurse your professional fee? You may have the point that I cant get a good discount but I just want to make it sure that I will be using a good Laguna materials...Could you pls give me the price if I waill be the one to buy the materials? how much is your fee?
And just in case You will be the one to buy the materials,may i know what quality of the tiles you will be using for the floor and etc? and is it already including the painting of the house?
I would appreciate if you can send me a picture inside the house no 2 so can i see the design since I want to fueng sui my house ,and what kind of the roof you will be using with your 1.9m price with a floor area of 2by 50,, is the living room spacious ?pls give me an idea so i can decide.

Really intersted to have or buy a house in cebu but i dont have idea where to go. please give me some idea or help me to find a good location.i want a good house has 3 to 4 bed rooms, not so far from cebu city and of course has affordable budget is 2m to 3m only hope to receive a response from you soon. Our pictures of houses in the Tagaytay - modern house designs company is in the seed stage of starting a boutique resort development servicing South East Asia, and in particular the Philippines.
We are interested to learn how your services could complement and assist us, in particular with regards to project management, feasibility study and Philippine construction would like to inquire about building a private pool...if you can help me to Cavite roofing contractor Tagaytay - designs, insulation, materials estimate or calculate how much will it cost for a regular adult size and a mini pool for kids..I really dont have an idea about their sizes so if you can give me a different size with their corresponding amount that will be very helpful.

We am planning to make a very simple house in yati, liloan area of around 120sqm. can you give me info on what services you offer. i still have to have the lot divided. how much do you charge for the survey or geodetic engineer? We would like to inquire about building a house with rental units downstairs. The main house will be in the second floor with 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. We would like 3 rental units in the first floor. The lot size is 150 sq. meter located in Balintawak, Caloocan City. We would like to have a rooftop and a kitchen in the second story swimming pool contractor Tagaytay - builders, construction. If we have 2M budget, will this project be possible? Please let us know the feasibility. We want to get an idea if this is possible.