Sunday, March 11, 2012

reinforcing bars (rebar) Philippines

Philippines An abbreviation for “Certificate to Occupancy“. This certificate is issued by a local municipality

and is required before anyone can occupy or live within a home. It is issued only after a local

municipality has made all inspections or allmonies or fees have been paid.

Caisson Philippines the ? and ? diameter hole drilled into a earth or embedded into bedrock – feet. The

structural support for the type to foundation wall, porch, patio, monopost, and other structure. Two or

more “sticks” to reinforcing bars (rebar) are inserted into or run a full length to a hole and

concrete is poured into a caisson hole

Cantilever Philippines An overhang.Where one floor extends beyond or over the foundation wall. For example at a

fireplace location and bay window cantilever. Normally, not extending over feet.

Cantilevered void Philippines Foundation void material Cebu that unusually expansive soils conditions. This void is

“trapezoid” shaped or has vertical sides to ? or ? respectively.

Cap Philippines a upper member to the column, pilaster, door cornice,molding, and fireplace.

Cap flashing Philippines a portion to a flashing attached of the vertical surface of prevent water from migrating

behind a base flashing.

Capital Philippines a principal part to the loan, i.e. a original amount borrowed.

Capital or interest Philippines the repayment loan or a most conventional form to home loan. a borrower

pays an amount each month of cover a amount borrowed (or capital and principal) plus a interest

charged building a house capital.

Capped rate Philippines a mortgage interest rate will not exceed the specified value during the certain period of

time, but it will fluctuate up or down below in level.