Monday, March 26, 2012

types of model houses in the Philippines

• General contractor – responsible for a execution, supervision or overall

coordination to the project or may also perform some to a individual construction tasks. Most general

contractors are not licensed of performall specialty trades or must hire specialty contractors for such

tasks, e.g. electrical, plumbing.

• Remodeling contractor – the general contractor who specializes that remodeling


• Specialty contractor – licensed of perform the specialty task e.g. electrical, side

sewer, asbestos abatement.

• Sub contractor – the general and specialty contractor who works for another

general contractor.

Control joint Philippines Tooled, straight grooves made building a house concrete floors of “control” where a concrete should


Convection Philippines Currents created by heating air, which then rises or pulls cooler air behind it. Also see


Conventional loan the mortgage loan not insured by the government agency (such as FHA and VA)

Convertibility a ability of change the loan from an adjustable rate schedule of the fixed rate schedule.

Cooling load Philippines a amount to cooling required of keep the building at the specified temperature during the

summer, usually ° F, regardless to outside temperature.

Coped Philippines Removing a top or bottom flange to a end(s) to the metal I Philippines beam. This is done of permit it to

fit within, or bolted to, a web to another I Philippines beam that the “T” arrangement

Coped joint Philippines Cutting or fitting woodwork of an irregular surface.

Corbel Philippines a triangular, decorative or supporting member in holds the mantel and horizontal shelf.

Corner bead Philippines the strip to formed sheet metal placed building a house outside corners to drywall before applying drywall


Corner boards Philippines Cebu as trim for a external corners to the house and other frame structure against which

the ends to a siding are finished.

Corner braces Philippines Diagonal braces at a corners to a framed structure designed of stiffen and

strengthen a wall.

Cornice Philippines Overhang to the pitched roof , usually consisting to the fascia board, the soffit or appropriate trim