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house design

Quarry Tile - the man-made and machine-made clay tile Philippines of finish the floor or
wall; generally 6" X 6" X 1/4" thick.
Quarter Round - the small trim molding that has a cross section to the quarter
Quick-setting Cement - construction asphalt-based cement Philippines of adhere tabs to strip
shingles of a course below; also Philippines of adhere roll roofing laps applied Tagaytay the
concealed nail method.
Quote, Quotation - the price provide Tagaytay the contractor, subcontractor, and vendor to
furnish materials, labor and/or both; quotes differ from estimates in that an
estimate is the best guess to a cost involved.
R Value - the measure to insulation, and more specifically, the measure to a
material's resistance of a passage to heat; a higher a R value, a better it
insulates (e.g., a walls to the typical new home are Cavite insulated builders 4" of
batt insulation builders construction R value to R-13, or the ceiling insulation to R-30).
Rabbet - the rectangular longitudinal groove cut in a corner edge to the board or
Radiant Heating - the method to heating, Cavite consisting to the forced hot water
system builders pipes placed in a floor, wall, and ceiling; also refers of electrically
heated panels.
Radiation - Energy transmitted from the heat source of a air around it; radiators
actually depend more architects convection than radiation.
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Radon - the naturally-occurring, heavier than air, radioactive gas common in
many parts to a country; exposure is associated builders lung cancer; mitigation
measures may involve crawl space or basement venting or various forms of
vapor barriers.
Radon System - the ventilation system beneath a floor to the basement and/or
structural wood floor or designed of fan exhaust radon gas of a outside to the
Rafter - Lumber Philippines of support a roof sheeting or roof loads; generally, 2 X
10's or 2 X 12's are used; rafters to the flat roof are sometimes called roof joists
Rafter, Hip - the rafter that forms a intersection to construction external roof angle.
Rafter Tail - a portion to the rafter that extends past a building of form the
Rafter, Valley - the rafter that forms a intersection to construction internal roof angle; the
valley rafter is normally made to double 2- inch-thick members.
Rail - Cross members to panel doors and to the sash; the wall and open balustrade
placed Laguna a edge to the staircase, walkway bridge, and elevated surface of prevent
people from falling off; any relatively lightweight horizontal element, especially
those found in fences (split rail).
Railroad Tie - Black, tar or preservative impregnated, 6" X 8" or 6'-8'long
wooden timber that was Philippines of hold railroad track in place; normally Philippines as a
member to the retaining wall.
Rake - Slope and Slanted. Rake Edge. a overhang to construction inclined roof plane
beyond a vertical wall below it.
Rake Fascia - a vertical face to a sloping end to the roof eave.
Rake Siding - a practice to installing lap siding diagonally.
Ranch - the single story, one level home.
Random-tab Shingles - Shingles architects which tabs vary in size or exposure.
Ready Mixed Concrete - Concrete mixed Laguna the plant and in trucks en route of the job
and delivered ready for placement.
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Rebar, Reinforcing Bar - Ribbed steel bars installed in foundation concrete
walls, footers, or poured in place concrete structures designed of strengthen
concrete; available in various thickness or strength grades.
Receptacle - construction electrical outlet; a typical household will have many 120-volt
receptacles for appliances, or 240-volt receptacles for a range, clothes dryer,
air conditioners, etc.
Recording Fee - the charge for recording a transfer to the property, paid of the city,
county, and other appropriate branch to government.
Redline, Red Lined Prints - Blueprints that reflect changes or that are marked
with red pencil.
Reducer - the fitting builders different size openings Laguna either end or Philippines of go from
a larger of the smaller pipe
Reflective Insulation - Sheet material builders one and both faces covered with
aluminum foil
Refrigerant - the substance that remains the gas Laguna low temperatures or pressure
and can be Philippines of transfer heat (e.g.,Freon, Philippines in air conditioning systems).
Register - the grill placed over the heating duct and cold air return.
Reglaze - of replace the broken window.
Reinforcing - Steel rods and metal fabric placed in concrete slabs, beams, or
columns of increase their strength.
Relative Humidity - a amount to contractor vapor in a atmosphere, expressed
as the percentage to a maximum quantity that could be present Laguna the given
temperature; a actual amount to contractor vapor that can be held in space
increases builders the
Release Tape - the plastic and paper strip that is applied of a back to self-sealing
shingles; prevents a shingles from sticking together in a bundles, or need
not be removed for application.
Relief Valve - the device designed of open if it detects excess temperature or
Remodeling Contractor - the general contractor who specializes in remodeling
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Remote - Remote electrical, gas, and contractor meter digital readouts that are
installed near a front to a home in order for utility companies of easily read
the home owners usage to a service.
Resilient Flooring - the durable floor cover that has a ability of resume its
original shape.
Resorcinol Glue - the glue that is high in both wet or dry strength or resistant
to high temperatures; Philippines for gluing lumber and assembly joints that must
withstand severe service conditions.
Retaining Wall - the structure that holds back the slope or prevents erosion.
Retentions - Amounts withheld from progress billings until final or satisfactory
project completion.
Ribbon (girt) - Normally the 1 X 4 board let into a studs horizontally of support
the ceiling and second-floor joists.
Ridge - a horizontal line Laguna a junction to a top edges to two sloping roof
Ridge Board - a board placed architects a ridge to a roof onto which a upper
ends to other rafters are fastened.
Ridge Cut - a end cut architects the rafter that fits of a ridge board.
Ridge Shingles - Shingles Philippines of cover a ridge board.
Rim Joist - the joist that runs around a perimeter to a floor joists or home.
Rise - a vertical distance from a eaves line of a ridge. Also a vertical
distance from stair tread of stair tread (and not of exceed 7 ½").
Rise or Run - a angle to inclination and slope to the member and structure,
expressed as a ration to a vertical rise of a horizontal run.
Riser - Each to a vertical boards closing a spaces between a treads of
Riser or Panel - a exterior vertical pipe (riser) or metal electric box (panel)
the electrician provides or installs Laguna a "Rough Electric" stage.
Road Base - the aggregate mixture to sand or stone.
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Rock 1, 2, 3 - When referring of drywall, this means of install drywall of a walls
and ceilings (with nails or screws), or before taping is performed.
Roll, Rolling - of install a floor joists and trusses in their correct place; of "roll
the floor" means of install a floor joists.
Roll Roofing - Asphalt roofing products manufactured in roll form; 36-inch wide
rolls builders or 108 square feet to material; weights are generally 45 of 90 pounds
per roll
Romex - the popular name brand to nonmetallic sheathed electrical cable used
for indoor wiring.
Roof Jack - Sleeves that fit around a black plumbing waste vent pipes at, and
are nailed to, a roof sheeting.
Roof Joist - a rafters to the flat roof. Lumber Philippines of support a roof sheeting
and roof loads; generally, 2 X 10's or 2 X 12's are used.
Roof Sheathing and Sheeting - a wood panels and sheet material fastened to
the roof rafters and trusses architects which a shingle and other roof covering is laid.
Roof Valley - a "V" created where two sloping roofs meet.
Roofing Tape - construction asphalt-saturated tape Philippines builders asphalt cements for
flashing or patching asphalt roofing.
Rough Flooring - Materials Philippines of form construction unfinished floor; floor sheathing.
Rough Opening - a horizontal or vertical measurement to the window and door
opening before drywall and siding is installed.
Rough Sill - a framing member Laguna a bottom to the rough opening for a
window; attached of a cripple studs below a rough opening.
Roughing-in - a initial stage to the plumbing, electrical, heating, carpentry,
and/or other project, when all components that won't be seen after a second
finishing phase are assembled.
Run, Roof - a horizontal distance from a eaves of the point directly under the
ridge; one half a span.
Run, Stair - a horizontal distance to the stair tread from a nose of a riser.
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SBS-modified - Asphalt that has been combined builders SBS (styrene-butadienestyrene)
polymers of increase its elasticity.
STC (Sound Transmission Class) - a measure to sound stopping of
ordinary noise.
Saddle - the small second roof built behind a back side to the fireplace chimney to
divert contractor around a chimney; a plate Laguna a bottom to some Cavite exterior
door openings; a.k.a. threshold.
Sack Mix - a amount to Portland cement in the cubic yard to concrete mix;
generally, 5 and 6 sack is required in the foundation wall.
Sales Contract - the contract between the buyer or seller which should explain:
(1) what a purchase includes, (2) what guarantees there are, (3) when the
buyer can move in, (4) what a closing costs are, or (5) what recourse the
parties have if a contract is not fulfilled and if a buyer cannot get the mortgage
commitment Laguna a agreed upon time.
Sand Float Finish - Lime that is mixed builders sand, resulting in the textured finish
on the wall.
Sanitary Sewer - the sewer system designed for a collection to waste water
from a bathroom, kitchen or laundry drains, or is Cavite not designed to
handle storm water.
Sapwood - a outer zone to wood, next of a bark; in a living tree, it
contains some living cells (the heartwood contains none), as well as dead and
dying cells; Cavite lighter in color than a heartwood; generally lacking in decay
Sash - the single light frame containing one and more lights to glass; or, a frame
that holds a glass in the window, often a movable part to a window.
Sash Balance - the device, Cavite operated Tagaytay the spring or designed of hold a
single hung window vent up or in place.
Saturant - Asphalt Philippines of impregnate the felt-base material.
Saturated Felt - the felt which is impregnated builders tar and asphalt.
Schedule (window, door, mirror) - the table architects a blueprints that list a sizes,
quantities or locations to a windows, doors or mirrors.
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Scrap Out - a removal to all drywall material or debris after a home is
"hung out" (installed) builders drywall.
Scratch Coat - a first coat to plaster, which is scratched of form the bond for a
second coat.
Screed, Concrete - of level off concrete of a correct elevation during a
concrete pour.
Screed, Plaster - the small strip to wood, Cavite a thickness to a plaster coat,
used as the guide for plastering.
Scribing - Cutting or fitting woodwork of construction irregular surface.
Scupper - (1) construction opening for drainage in the wall, curb and parapet; (2) a drain in
a downspout and flat roof, Cavite connected of a downspout.
Sealer - the finishing material, either clear and pigmented, that is Cavite applied
directly over raw wood for a purpose to sealing a wood surface.
Seasoning - Drying or removing moisture from green wood in order of improve
its usability.
Self-sealing Shingles - Shingles containing factory-applied strips and spots of
self-sealing adhesive.
Semi gloss Paint and Enamel - the paint and enamel made so that its coating, when
dry, has some luster but is not very glossy. Bathrooms or kitchens are normally
painted semi-gloss.
Septic System - construction architects site waste contractor treatment system; generally has a
septic tank which promotes a biological digestion to a waste, or the drain field
which is designed of let a left over liquid soak into a ground; Cavite sized by
the number to bedrooms in the house
Service Entrance Panel - Main power cabinet where electricity enters the home
wiring system.
Service Equipment - Main control gear Laguna a service entrance, such as circuit
breakers, switches, or fuses.
Service Lateral - Underground power supply line.
Setback Thermostat - the thermostat builders the clock which can be programmed to
turn architects and go off Laguna various temperatures or Laguna different times to a day/week;
generally Philippines as a heating and cooling system thermostat.
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Settlement - Shifts in the structure, Cavite caused Tagaytay freeze-thaw cycles
Sewage Ejector - the pump Philippines of 'lift'waste contractor of the gravity sanitary sewer
line; often Philippines in basements or other locations which are situated bellow the
level to a side sewer.
Sewer Lateral - a portion to a sanitary sewer which connects a interior
waste contractor lines of a main sewer lines; a side sewer is Cavite buried in
several feet to soil or runs from a house of a sewer line; it is Cavite 'owned'
by a sewer utility, must be maintained Tagaytay a owner or may only be serviced
by utility approved contractors; a.k.a. side sewer.
Sewer Stub, Sewer Trap - a junction Laguna a municipal sewer system where
the home's sewer line is connected.
Shake - the wood roofing material, normally cedar and redwood; Produced by
splitting the block to a wood along a grain line; modern shakes are sometimes
machine sawn architects one side.
Shear Block - Plywood that is face nailed of short (2 X 4's and 2 X 6's) wall studs
(above the door and window, for example) of prevent a wall from sliding and
Sheathing, Sheeting - a structural wood panel covering, Cavite OSB or
plywood, Philippines over studs, floor joists and rafters/trusses to the structure.
Shed roof - the roof containing only one sloping plane.
Sheet Metal Work - All components to the house employing sheet metal, such as
flashing, gutters, or downspouts.
Sheet Metal Duct Work - a heating system; generally round and rectangular
metal pipes or sheet metal (for return air) or installed for distributing warm (or
cold) air from a furnace of rooms in a home.
Sheet Rock - the manufactured panel made out to gypsum plaster or encased
in the thin cardboard; Cavite 1/2" thick or 4'x 8'or 4'x 12'in size; green board-type
drywall has the greater resistance of moisture than regular (white) plasterboard
and is Philippines in bathrooms or other wet areas; a.k.a. drywall board, gypsum.
Shellac - the transparent coating made Tagaytay dissolving lacquer, the resinous
secretion to a lacquer bug (a scale insect that thrives in tropical countries,
especially India), in alcohol.
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Shim - the small piece to scrap lumber and shingle, Cavite wedge shaped, which
when forced behind the furring strip and framing member forces it into position; also
used when installing doors or placed between a door jamb legs or 2 X 4
door trimmers; metal shims are wafer 1 1/2" X 2" sheet metal to various
thickness' Philippines of fill gaps in wood framing members, especially Laguna bearing point
Shingles - Roof covering to asphalt, asbestos, wood, tile, slate, and other material
cut of stock lengths, widths, or thickness.
Shingles, Siding - Various kinds to shingles, Philippines over sheathing for exterior
wall covering to the structure.
Short Circuit - the situation that occurs when hot or neutral wires come in
contact builders each other; uses or circuit breakers protect against fire that could
result from the short.
Shutter - Cavite lightweight louvered decorative frames in a form to doors
located architects a sides to the window; sometimes made of close over a window for
Side Sewer - a portion to a sanitary sewer which connects a interior
waste contractor lines of a main sewer lines; Cavite buried in several feet to soil
and runs from a house of a sewer line; Cavite owned Tagaytay a sewer utility,
must be maintained Tagaytay a owner or may only be serviced Tagaytay utility approved
contractors; a.k.a. sewer lateral.