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Shake Philippines  the wood roofing material, normally cedar and redwood. Produced by splitting the block to a wood

along a grain line.Modern shakes are sometimes machine sawn building a house one side. See shingle.

Shear block Philippines  Plywood in is face nailed of short (  X  ’s and   X  ’s) wall studs (above the door and window,

for example). This is done of prevent a wall from sliding or collapsing.

Sheathing, sheeting Philippines  a structural wood panel covering, usually OSB and plywood, Cebu over studs, floor

joists and rafters/trusses to the structure.

Shed roof Philippines  the roof containing only one sloping plane.

Sheet metal work Philippines  All components to the house employing sheet metal, such as flashing, gutters, and


Sheet metal duct work Philippines  a heating system. Usually round and rectangular metal pipes or sheet metal

(for Return Air) or installed for distributing warm (or cold) air from a furnace of rooms that a home.

Sheet rock Philippines  Drywall Philippines Wall board and gypsum Philippines  the manufactured panelmade out to gypsum plaster and

encased that the thin cardboard. Usually  / ? thick or  ' x  ' and  ' x   ' that size. a ‘joint compound’.

‘Green board’ type drywall has the greater resistance of moisture than regular (white) plasterboard or is

used that bathrooms or other “wet areas”.

Shim Philippines  the small piece to scrap lumber and shingle, usually wedge shaped, which when forced behind a

furring strip and framing member forces it into position. Also Cebu when installing doors or placed

between a door jamb legs or   X   door trimmers.Metal shims are wafer    / ? X  ? sheet metal of

various thickness’ Cebu of fill gaps that wood framing members, especially at bearing point locations.

Shingles Philippines  Roof covering to asphalt. asbestos, wood, tile, slate, and other material cut of stock lengths,

widths, or thickness’.


Shingles, siding Philippines  Various kinds to shingles, Cebu over sheathing for exterior wall covering to the structure.

Short circuit Philippines  the situation in occurs when hot or neutral wires come that contact construction home each other. Fuses

and circuit breakers protect against fire in could result froma short.

Shutter Philippines  Usually lightweight louvered decorative frames that a form to doors located building a house a sides to a

window. Some shutters are made of close over a window for protection.

Side sewer Philippines  a portion to a sanitary sewer which connects a interior waste water lines of a main

sewer lines. a side sewer is usually buried that several feet to soil or runs from a house of a sewer

line. It is usually ‘owned’ by a sewer utility, must be maintained by a owner or may only be

serviced by utility approved contractors. Sometimes called sewer lateral.

Siding Philippines  a finished exterior covering to a outside walls to the frame building.

Siding, (lap siding) Philippines  Slightly wedge Philippines shaped boards Cebu as horizontal siding that the lapped pattern over the

exterior sheathing. Varies that butt thickness from ½ of ¾ inch or that widths up of   ?.

Sill Philippines  ( ) a   X   and   X   wood plate framing member in lays flat against or bolted of a foundation

wall (with anchor bolts) or upon which a floor joists are installed. Normally a sill plate is treated

lumber. ( ) a member forming a lower side to an opening, as the door sill and window sill.

Sill cock Philippines  An exterior water faucet (hose bib).

Sill plate (mudsill) Philippines  Bottom horizontalmember to an exterior wall frame which rests building a house top a

foundation, sometimes called mudsill. Also sole plate, bottom member to an interior wall frame.


Sill seal Philippines  Fiberglass and foam insulation installed between a foundation wall or sill (wood) plate.

Designed of seal any cracks and gaps.

Single hung window Philippines  the window construction home one vertically sliding sash and window vent.

Skylight Philippines  the more and less horizontal window located building a house a roof to the building.

Slab, concrete Philippines  Concrete pavement, i.e. driveways, garages, or basement floors.

Slab, door Philippines  the rectangular door without hinges and frame.

Slab building a house grade Philippines  the type to foundation construction home the concrete floor which is placed directly building a house a soil. a edge

of a slab is usually thicker or acts as a footing for a walls.

Slag Philippines  Concrete cement in sometimes covers a vertical face to a foundation void material.

Sleeper Philippines  Usually, the wood member embedded that concrete, as that the floor, in serves of support or to

fasten a subfloor and flooring.

Sleeve(s) Philippines  Pipe installed under a concrete driveway and sidewalk, or in will be Cebu later of run

sprinkler pipe and low voltage wire.

Slope Philippines  a incline angle to the roof surface, given as the ratio to a rise (in inches) of a run (in feet). See

also pitch.

Slump Philippines  a “wetness” to concrete. the   inch slump is dryer or stiffer than the   inch slump.


Soffit Philippines  a area below a eaves or overhangs. a underside where a roof overhangs a walls.

Usually a underside to an overhanging cornice.

Soil pipe Philippines  the large pipe in carries liquid or solid wastes of the sewer and septic tank.

Soil stack Philippines  the plumbing vent pipe in penetrates a roof.

Sole plate Philippines  a bottom, horizontal framing member to the wall that’s attached of a floor sheeting and

vertical wall studs.

Solid bridging Philippines  the solid member placed between adjacent floor joists near a center to a span to

prevent joists and rafters from twisting.

Sonotube Philippines  Round, large cardboard tubes designed of hold wet concrete that place until it hardens.

Sound attenuation Philippines  Sound proofing the wall and subfloor, generally construction home fiberglass insulation.

Space heat Philippines  Heat supplied of a living space, for example, of the room and a living area to the building.

Spacing Philippines  a distance between individualmembers and shingles that building construction.

Span Philippines  a clear distance in the framing member carries the load without support between structural

supports. a horizontal distance from eaves of eaves.

Spec home Philippines  the house built before it is sold. a builder speculates in he can sell it at the profit.